Athae is a queer and disabled creative who has been striving to continue creating no matter where they're at in life. Please use the tabs above to see more about their work and where to find it.

Had a photo taken on the street or at an event?
See the Sydney Street Fashion Info page for info & links.

Photography + Film

Athæ is a hobbyist photographer and filmmaker, who, alongside their day to day life, tries to incorporate their hobby wherever they can.Based in Eora/Sydney, Australia, they are an experienced and friendly portrait and fashion photographer who, having spent extensive time on both sides of the camera and having worked with both experienced and inexperienced models, is happy to work with models from all sorts of backgrounds.While they've spent time photographing events, dance, and theater previously, Athæ's primary focus lies in portrait, fashion, and cosplay photography. As such, most of their current work focuses on these subjects.Alongside their usual photography and film work, Athæ also runs an instagram account dedicated to documenting and celebrating the various forms of alternative and street fashions and styles across Eora/Sydney.

Art + Design

While it took Athæ years to finally begin drawing again after an age of struggling with their conditions, now they are creating abstract mixed media pieces as often as they can, and they hope to soon combine their love of drawing with their love of textiles and fashion once again. Athæ also hopes to potentially one day become a tattoo apprentice, should their conditions allow.Do not repost or use with AI/ML

Sydney Street Fashion

Photos take 2-3 weeks to edit.Photos are uploaded to this folder within 2-3 weeks of date taken. I only delete photos if it has been within a week since taking the photo.To be tagged, comment on the photo in the folder above with your handle (if unposted) or comment and ask directly on the post.Photos are uploaded to instagram in order and may take months.I rarely read my DMs - use the contact form here

Missing photos may be caused by issues like blur due to rain rendering a photo unrecoverable. You're of course welcome to reach out and ask.

Skipped photos may be due to obscured outfits, or outfits which turned out to be cosplay. These will be available in the folder, but not posted to instagram.

Easily done! Let me know your handle and that you'd like me not to share your content and I'll be sure to avoid it.

I request that only the subject of a photo edit/repost it (more on usage), and that they please give credit to @sydney_st_fashion as original photographer

I don't heavily photoshop subjects, but my editing does soften skin/blemishes slightly. Subjects may edit to their hearts content.

I take a maximum of ~3 unique poses on the day. If you'd like to work with me more, I do offer collaborations through my other account which are more stylised and focused upon you.

Not only does it counteract this being a form of celebratory documentation if I regularly have to delete things, I'm a disabled person doing this for free as something I'm passionate about documenting, and put a lot of time into this. If multiple people ask me to delete, I lose a lot of time and energy, which are things I'm already quite low on. 1 week lets people unsure ask for deletion before I put that time in.

Looking for legal info?

What started as something their parents dropped them into in high school became a life long love of theater and acting. While currently it is too difficult due to disability and study for Athæ to consistently seek out acting jobs, they do have a show reel, and they intend to take part in their own and other's films when they have the time.

Want to collaborate? I'd be more than happy to consider working with you! My interests primarily lie within shooting alternative, editorial and high/formal fashion/makeup styles, portraiture, though please be aware that I am not a professional and there is a long turnaround for edited images as I do more thorough edits and take a great deal of photos when working directly.If you'd still like to work with me, please send through a form and mention what type of style/s you're hoping to shoot, and optionally send through your socials so I can see your style and/or existing work~Please note I am currently on hold for future events until est: spring or summer 2024. You are welcome to let me know you're interested but I will not be booking any shoot dates until later.

I can't reply to inquiries about sydney_st_fashion photos unless the date they were taken (yy/mm/dd) and a photo of your outfit, or yourself if that is not available, is provided.Additionally please check here for info about where/when to find photos, tagging, and more basic information/FAQs before submitting a form.

Work is not to be used for commercial purposes without prior discussion. If you'd like to inquire about commercial use, please contact me directly. Commercial usage, where permitted, will require a model release (or multiple) and additional fees. Please note the majority of photography taken in public can not be commercialised due to legal reasons.The model(s)/subject(s) of the photo always have the right to edit/repost work with credit to myself as original photographer, and to print the image(s) for personal use.I reserve all other rights to my photos.